Fernando Alonso at speed at Indianapolis

More than 2 million race fans from around the world watched Fernando Alonso's Indianapolis 500 Rookie Orientation Program on May 3 via the live streams provided by INDYCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The nearly five hours of live web coverage generated more than two million views and continues to be consumed online with the Facebook live stream viewed by fans in the United Kingdom more than any other region. In addition, 30 percent of all web traffic to IndyCar.com originated from Europe.

Unique viewers of the Facebook Live stream totaled more than 1.041 million, while YouTube's unique viewer total was even higher (1.042 million). The live stream on YouTube outpaced “The Dark Tower” official trailer, Jimmy Kimmel’s reveal of his son’s birth, and Chris Rock’s video, among other videos posted that day. As a whole, the Alonso video on YouTube was consumed for 17 million minutes.

The hashtag #AlonsoRunsIndy trended in at least seven countries, including the U.S. (and Puerto Rico), UK, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Ireland and Poland. The #Indy500 hashtag also trended in several countries, including Colombia, Canada, Mexico and Vietnam.

The two-time Formula One champion will return to Indianapolis to begin practice for the Indianapolis 500 on May 15.