EM Telemetry system

The NTT INDYCAR SERIES will adopt a new telemetry system in 2023 that will introduce a host of new features to help teams improve the performance of their cars and better inform medical response crews.

Provided by EM Motorsport, supplier of electronic safety devices to Formula One, MotoGP, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other championships, the new system will stream hundreds of data channels from an array of onboard sensors to the teams and race control. The information is key to extracting maximum performance from the driver, optimizing the car setup and monitoring the health of the car to minimize potential reliability issues.

Particularly important to monitor are the safety systems on the car. With the new telemetry in place, feedback and tracking of these systems has been streamlined, providing additional critical data to the INDYCAR Safety Team and response crews in the event of an incident.

“EM Motosport has become a valued partner to INDYCAR and our teams,” INDYCAR President Jay Frye said. “Their work to implement the course marshalling system was flawless and extremely well received by our paddock, promoter partners and fans. Incorporating the EM Motorsport telemetry system with our growing paddock is the natural next step as definitive data is key to our race teams’ ability to make split-second decisions.”

Operated in full for the first time during the preseason test last month at The Thermal Club, the new telemetry system works in conjunction with the pre-existing electronic marshalling in a never-before-seen unified solution.

The all-in-one system means both the telemetry and marshalling systems come from the same source, therefore is managed locally with no data being sent off-site. This not only increases reliability with less risk of interference between different operators but also ensures the security of the data being transmitted.

Combining the two pieces of software also means fewer in-car components and wiring looms are required, offering a lighter and more sustainable solution that is easier to install, configure and maintain. Altogether, it creates a much more cost-effective package.

The combined system was chosen for its development potential and, as part of its growing partnership with INDYCAR, EM Motorsport will continue to explore avenues for improvement and expand the quality and quantity of information shared to and from the cars.

The partnership began with supplying Accident Data Recorders and Ear Plug Accelerometers in 2021. EM Motorsport’s Electronic Marshalling System, which connects race control and the local marshal flag panels directly to the cars on track, was introduced last season from the GMR Grand Prix onward and won the Louis Schwitzer Award for Engineering Innovation and Excellence.

“The NTT INDYCAR SERIES will be the first to run this revolutionary all-in-one system of telemetry and electronic marshalling,” said Luca De Angelis, EM Motorsport deputy manager. “This has been an ambition of EM Motorsport for many years and to achieve this with America’s premier single-seater series makes us extremely proud. The championship is leading by example of how other series can run a more cost-effective and elegant solution. We are greatly looking forward to working alongside INDYCAR to expand the capabilities of the combined systems.”