Alex Palou

What goes into the design of a driver helmet? Oftentimes there’s an elaborate story, specific colors that are representative of the driver. Other times, it’s a case of practicality. Alex Palou’s helmet design comes from nothing more than the need to be seen.

Alex Palou“It’s probably not what people want to hear, but there’s no real story behind my helmet design. I think it was about 12 years ago that I started with this design and those colors and I’ve kept it since then. The reason I chose the orange and yellow colors is because in go karting it’s difficult to spot the drivers and with these bright colors my dad and my team could spot me easily while I was on track,” shared Palou.

“It’s as simple as that, the helmet painter I used came up with the design and I’ve kept it since then with a few tweaks and updates over the years.”

While this particular helmet (pictured) was used for pre-season testing, Palou will have a new one for when we get back to racing with some slight modifications and as most drivers do, he will also have a ‘special edition’ one just for the Indianapolis 500.