Helio Castroneves

LEXINGTON, Ohio – Verizon IndyCar Series drivers make a mental note where the technical inspection station is located at each venue because it’s their first stop following the initial practice session of the race weekend.

According to Rule of the Verizon IndyCar Series rulebook:

All drivers must be reweighed at technical inspection within 15 minutes after the conclusion of the first session on a race weekend. Drivers that do not present themselves at technical inspection for weight will not be permitted to participate in qualifications.

Drivers must wear the appropriate attire as stated in Rule 1.2.7.

There are ramifications for being tardy and driver weight changes, as Rule continues:

A minute will be deducted from the end of the next practice session for every minute a driver is late for the mandatory weigh in. The technical inspection pad will be available for driver reweighs during the set up day; however this option does not supersede the mandatory reweigh after the first session. Weight changes are subject to the following:

a) A weight change of +/- 2 pounds -- Team must change their driver ballast before the next race weekend.

b) A weight change more than +/-2 pounds -- Team must change their driver ballast before the current race’s qualification session.

c) A weight change of more than +/-7 pounds -- Team may be subject to penalty.

Graham RahalA small weight saving this season also is realized in the use of silk screening and heat transfer for sponsor and series logos on firesuits instead of embroidered or sewn on patches.

“It is a bit lighter; the biggest part of it is the cooling capabilities,” said Graham Rahal, driver of the No. 15 National Guard car for Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing who began wearing one of the silk-screened suits at Long Beach. “When you have a logo as big as the National Guard on the front, when you do it all in stitching it becomes very stiff. If you do it in silk screen it’s fairly flexible.”

Rahal said not having rain-soaked patches (plus ease of drying the suit) was a plus two weeks ago at Toronto.

“It wasn’t as heavy but it was cold. When it was raining pretty hard it was chilly,” he said.