INDYCAR Scanner Information

Radio headsets and scanners are a great way to enhance the fan experience during a race. While watching the cars speed by, scanner radio users can listen to driver radios to add more context to a driver’s strategy, an incident that happened during the race, or even just listen to commentary while enjoying a race. Learn more about how to enjoy the race using a scanner and headset below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rent or purchase a scanner at other NTT INDYCAR SERIES venues?
    • Twin Power Scanners will have a limited supply of Uniden scanners to rent at most, but not all, NTT INDYCAR SERIES events, and are selling frequency sheets to manually reprogram Racing Electronics scanners. Additionally, scanners are available for on-site purchase at NTT INDYCAR SERIES races.
  • Where can I purchase a scanner?
    • Scanner radios can be purchased at most electronic stores, and through scanner radio headset providers directly. There are many companies that specialize in headsets specifically for racing fans. Below is a list of radio scanner organizations and links to their FAQ or Customer Support pages:
  • How do I use a scanner?
    • Scanners are programmed with various frequencies to foster a unique experience for each fan. Each frequency, or channel, allows scanner users to choose what content they listen to while watching from the stands. Many fans listen to their favorite driver’s radio feed as they go around the track, while others might listen to a more general broadcast of race commentary. Fans can listen to radios by bringing their own scanner to the track and dialing in to the frequency of their preferred channel.
  • Where can I find driver radio frequencies?
    • Driver radio frequencies for each race can be found by going to the NTT INDYCAR SERIES season schedule, selecting a specific race, clicking Race Info, and clicking on Spotter Guide.
  • What scanners will work at NTT INDYCAR SERIES races?
    • Any scanner radio that can be manually programmed with frequencies will work at NTT INDYCAR SERIES races.
  • Can I listen to driver radios without a scanner?
    • Fans have the ability to listen to driver radio streams free through the INDYCAR App Powered by NTT DATA during each race. Additionally, the INDYCAR App is also your source for the INDYCAR Radio Network Broadcast of all NTT INDYCAR SERIES and INDY NXT by Firestone series on-track sessions (practices, qualifications, and all races). This convenient tool is free to download on any device.

  • Pato O'Ward