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Dan Rusanowsky


Dan Rusanowsky has served as the play-by-play announcer for the San Jose Sharks since the team’s inception in 1991 and is known as the "Voice of the Sharks." He is responsible for producing all San Jose Sharks radio broadcasts, directs and administers the multi-station Sharks Radio Network (which provides coverage of all games for hockey fans in Northern California and parts of Nevada and Oregon) and oversees the relationship with flagship station KFOX 98.5/102.1 FM.

In addition, Rusanowsky has provided the play-by-play call on several Major League Soccer radio broadcasts and A-League “digicasts.” He has brought his voice to radio and television commercials, Atari video games, feature films and corporate video programs over the years. He is an avid motor racing enthusiast, appearing on Comcast SportsNet’s “Race Week” television program and as a honored contributor to the INDYCAR Radio Network, not only for California-based races, but whenever he is available in his busy schedule.

Outside the rink, Rusanowsky is a devoted member of the Bay Area community, making numerous public speaking and charitable appearances.