Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly

And then there were four.          

After 10 legs of “The Amazing Race,” Verizon IndyCar Series drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly have a chance at winning $1 million in CBS’ Emmy Award-winning reality adventure series.

Team INDYCAR, along Schmidt Peterson Motorsports’ Robert Wickens, joined crewmembers,  friends and INDYCAR fans at Kilroy’s in downtown Indianapolis for a hometown viewing party Wednesday night for a double-episode that covered legs 9-10 of the race around the world.

“I’ve been watching ‘The Amazing Race’ for years,” Wickens said. “Even if (Rossi and Daly) weren’t on the show, I’d probably still be watching it, but anytime you have an emotional attachment to any show it’s always more interesting. I’d never watched ‘Dancing With The Stars’ until James (Hinchcliffe) was on it. It’s fun to cheer them on.”

The Amazing Race Watch Party - IndianapolisThe ninth leg of the race saw the five remaining teams travel from Zimbabwe to Manama, Bahrain. And despite all five teams being on the same flight to Dubai. Team Ocean Rescue missed the connection to Bahrain when Lucas lost his passport on the flight to Dubai - a mistake that the team won’t be able to overcome.

Once in Bahrain, teams had to accomplish several small tasks while navigating around Manama. Team INDYCAR which was first to arrive at a few tasks, including a camel milking challenge just before teams headed for the pit stop.

Rossi and Daly won the leg, sharing $15,000 between the two of them.

“If camel milk is an option for the Indianapolis 500 - if I’m in the Indianapolis 500 - I would greatly accept it,” Daly said. “This is INDYCAR’s home base and my hometown. It was great to share our best run of the show with all of our friends and fan.

In the continuing 10th leg, the four remaining teams travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they’re to take the cheap transportation of choice, songthaews, to Royal Park Rajapruek for their next clue.

At the Royal Park Rajapruek gardens, teams had to locate elephants with flower wreaths on them, then deliver those wreaths to ladies strolling around the park with umbrellas.

The teams then were faced with their first Detour. Rossi and Daly chose Seize It, where the teams had to go into harvested rice fields and catch giant frogs with their bare hands instead of Size It, where they would measure and estimate the size of elephants.

The drivers arrived first and waded around in those murky waters without being able to hold on to a single slippery frog. But once Big Brother arrived the saw how Cody excelled at amphibian-catching, Alex and Conor found their groove, allowing them to reach the road block in the lead.

The roadblock however involved eating scorpions, which Rossi did, while Daly implored him to eat as live scorpions were attached to his body.

The pair left in the lead and won for the second leg in a row. The prize was a trip to Curaçao, which Rossi joked he will take “without Conor and that will be much more enjoyable.”

“Scorpion tastes as bad as you can imagine,” Rossi said. “But we got it done and won the leg, so that was pretty awesome. Tonight was just a huge turnout and a shout out to Chris Burton and Kilroy’s for opening this up for us. For all the friends and fans to come out makes it a special day.”

The Amazing Race Watch Party - Indianapolis