Graham Rahal

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Amazing Race meets Indy car racing

Team Extreme and Team Big Brother from the Amazing Race came out to ISM Raceway at the Phoenix open test to get a taste of what life is like for Team IndyCar. Watch The Amazing Race, Wednesdays at 9PM ET on CBS.


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Rahal flying the flag in Phoenix

This weekend at the Phoenix open test, the 2018 car wasn’t the only thing being tested. INDYCAR tested the capabilities of the new LED display panels and fittingly Graham Rahal proudly repped the American flag atop his red, white and blue, #TurnsForTroops No. 15 car.

Moonlighting in luge

Would you expect anything less from James Hinchcliffe? He took to Instagram with a cleverly captioned (and photoshopped) picture of the Canadian two-man luge team disguised as the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports' Canadian duo.

A Valentine’s vacation

10 years ago, the Maldives was where Scott and Emma Dixon honeymooned. After testing in Phoenix at ISM Raceway, they got away (22 hours on a plane) to spend some time together in paradise. What a great shot Emma.


It’s just how I remember.. ✨

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TK’s kiddos

For any parent out there, and even non-parents, Tony Kanaan’s helmet design is one that will likely give you the feels. TK perfectly captioned it on his Instagram.


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Windscreen passes test #1

This was the talk of last week in Phoenix amongst the INDYCAR community. Scott Dixon tested a windscreen on his No. 9 car at ISM Raceway in the afternoon and evening on Feb. 8th and here’s what it looked like from where he was sitting.


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