Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi

Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi experienced the highs and lows of being on “The Amazing Race” on Wednesday night's episode.

The fourth and fifth leg of CBS’s Emmy Award-winning adventure series took the teams to two stops in France, with the Verizon IndyCar Series drivers winning the fourth leg but finishing well behind their competition in the fifth leg.

The two-hour double episode began in Morocco, where the nine remaining teams were told to fly to Nice, France, then drive to St. Tropez on the French Riviera.

The Team INDYCAR duo, familiar with the area from their racing days in Europe, arrived at the roadblock task in second spot. Rossi took on the task, in which one member of a team had to sail a small boat to two buoys to put together the next clue. Rossi chose to paddle his boat to the buoy and sailed back to the shore with only half the clue.

“This looks like the Titanic of St. Tropez,” Daly quipped. “Details seem to be our biggest issue.”

Rossi rebounded to complete the task, which led them to Detour task in St. Tropez: “Bread,” a baguette-rolling task, or “Tread,” a sandal-making task.

The drivers, along with Team Big Brother, chose the Bread task and headed to a bakery to roll 50 french bread loaves. Again, the team showed frustration with the task, as Daly struggled to please “the baguette-ist” in charge.

Still, they were first to finish the task and rushed off to the final stop, a head-to-head matchup with Team Extreme’s Jen Hudak and Kristi Leskinen in a game of pentanque, or bocce ball. Daly beat Hudak, allowing Team INDYCAR to win the leg and the drivers to share the cash prize at the end of the race.

“It’s my first win in many years,” Daly said.

The celebration was short-lived as the fifth leg started soon after. Teams left the Cote D’Azur for Provence and the town of Les Baux.

Rossi and Daly left and arrived first at the Chateaux Les Baux, a medieval castle, but lost their advantage as the historic site was closed when they arrived.

When they awoke, the teams, all together again, arrived to find a roadblock, where one member of the team had to build and transport a trebuchet (a catapult) while the other was held in a stockade.

Details again came back to haunt Team INDYCAR, as Daly neglected to put the nuts in the wheels used to transport the catapult. The team was in danger of elimination, but expertly navigating the roads of France allowed them to catch up at the Detour -- where most teams chose to search for colored ribbons in a Roman-built bull arena.

Rossi and Daly finished the task and arrived at the pit stop in fifth place, in time to join the on-camera celebration of fellow competitors Team Ocean Rescue’s engagement.

Seven teams remain in the around the world race after NBA players Shawn Marion and Cedric Ceballos and competitive eaters Joey Chestnutt and Tim Janus were eliminated in the episodes. The next episode of "The Amazing Race" airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Jan. 31 on CBS.