Alexander Rossi

Team INDYCAR is still racing.

The second leg of the "The Amazing Race" saw Verizon IndyCar Series drivers and longtime friends Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly race from Iceland to Antwerp, Belgium. The episode aired Wednesday night.

All 10 remaining teams in CBS’ Emmy Award-winning reality adventure series boarded the same flight from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Amsterdam and then traveled by train to Belgium where they received their first clue at Antwerp's The Chocolate Line chocolate shop. (Watch the video below to see how Rossi and Daly spent the night before receiving their clue.)

After receiving the clue with the rest of their competitors, Rossi and Daly went the wrong way and got lost looking for the first task.

The Antwerp roadblock was a Sky Climb, a crane with several rope ladders attached which gave a spectacular view of the Antwerp waterfront. Teams had to scale the ladder and retrieve a flag before the ladders returned to the ground, ending the game.

Alexander Rossi and Conor DalyOnce the drivers realized their error, they hailed a taxi, whose driver informed them they were only “100 meters away.” Team INDYCAR arrived last and Rossi scaled the ladder alongside one of the firefighter twins in the roadblock, leaving them with time to make up.

Rossi’s success sent the pair on to the next task -- a detour in which teams had to choose between two tasks. One involved printing a clue using an old printing press and movable type and the other had the teams grade and appraise diamonds.

"I only used a microscope in like eighth grade, looking at a ... stuff,” Daly quipped as Team INDYCAR chose the diamond task.

After becoming the second team to complete the task, the teams had one more race before reaching safety: a frites race, where one member of the team had to race a member of a different team in a head-to-head foot race around Antwerp's Grote Markt. The racers had to wear a frites costume while pushing a cart with eight bags of frites -- what we call French fries -- around a twisting course.

Rossi raced Evan Lynyak, the female member of Team Yale, and easily defeated the highly ranked debater in the race, where the winning team advanced to the pit stop and the losing team had to race again.

“The most difficult part of the race was that the damper program seemed a little lacking,” Rossi joked in using a racing term as Team INDYCAR finished fifth in the leg. 

Team Big Brother, consisting of reality stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, won the race and shared the $5,000 prize. The next episode of "The Amazing Race" airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday, Jan. 17.