Fan Info - INDYCAR 101 - Procedures and Rules - Championship Points System

Verizon IndyCar Series Championship Points

*** Note: All points procedures and totals are subject to change prior to the start of the 2017 season.

The Verizon IndyCar Series recognizes entrant, driver and manufacturer champions. To facilitate competition for these championships, INDYCAR calculates and publicizes complete rankings of all participating entrants, drivers and manufacturers following each race.

Entrant and Driver Points Championships

The series has established the following system under which eligible entrants and drivers may accumulate points:

  • Entrant points will be credited only to an entrant holding a valid entrant’s license at the time of the event, competing with a properly registered car and displaying the assigned car number throughout any event.
  • Driver points will be credited only to drivers holding a valid driver’s license at the time of the event.
  • In the event the starting driver receives relief during the running of a race, the starting driver will receive the points for that car for the race. The relief driver will not receive any points for driving that car.

At the close of the season, the entrant and driver with the highest number of ranking points respectively shall be declared the Verizon IndyCar Series champion.

In the case of a tie, INDYCAR will determine the champion based on the most first-place finishes. If there is still a tie, INDYCAR will determine the champion by the most second-place finishes, then the most third-place finishes, etc., until a champion is determined. INDYCAR will apply the same system to other ties in the rankings at the close of the season and at any other time during the season.

Race Finish Points
Position Pts Position Pts Position Pts
1 50 12 18 23 7
2 40 13 17 24 6
3 35 14 16 25 5
4 32 15 15 26 5
5 30 16 14 27 5
6 28 17 13 28 5
7 26 18 12 29 5
8 24 19 11 30 5
9 22 20 10 31 5
10 20 21 9 32 5
11 19 22 8 33 5
Pole Award: 1 point
Leading At Least One Lap: 1 point
Most Laps Led: 2 points

Double points for each race finishing position will be awarded at two races in 2017 – the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race and the season finale at Sonoma Raceway.

An entrant-initiated engine change-out will result in a loss of 10 driver and entrant points.

Also, entrant and driver points will be awarded for Indianapolis 500 qualifying based on final qualifying results as follows:

  • The fastest qualifying entrant and driver (pole sitter) will receive 42 points, second fastest will receive 40 points and points awarded will decrease by two-point increments down to 10th fastest (24 points). Starting with 11th fastest (23 points), each succeeding qualifying position will decrease in one-point increments down to one point for 33rd position.

Manufacturer Points Championship

Engine manufacturer championship points will be awarded to the top three finishing positions for each manufacturer in a race using the same points structure as used for entrant and driver points (50 points for first place, 40 for second, etc.). Double points races – the Indianapolis 500 and Sonoma Raceway finale – will yield double points for engine manufacturers as well (100 points for first, 80 for second, etc.).

Also, two points are awarded at each race for the engine manufacturer leading the most cumulative laps and one point is awarded to the engine manufacturer that qualifies in the pole position at all races except the Indianapolis 500. Nine points will be awarded to the engine manufacturer that wins the pole position at the Indianapolis 500.

Additional points are available to manufacturers for an engine that meets the 2,500-mile threshold (10 points), but manufacturer points will be deducted for an engine that fails to complete its life cycle (20 points).