INDYCAR RaceControl FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does INDYCAR require that I provide my name and email address?
    • INDYCAR added a login step to the Timing & Scoring page to better understand who our fans are and how to communicate with them. For example, we see this as an important step to improving television ratings as we direct helpful tune-in messaging. Other benefits include being able to offer ticket promotions and fan club opportunities. The email confirmation and access code exist to ensure we are getting accurate data.
  • What if I haven't received my email?
    • Please check your “spam folder” for the email. The email was sent from "" with a subject line of "INDYCAR Race Control Access Information" or "INDYCAR Race Control Access Code". If you have not received your email within five minutes of your submission, please email
  • What if I am a returning user and I can't find my original email?
    • Please re-submit your information to receive a new code.
  • Do I have to fill out my information every time I visit Race Control?
    • No, once you have entered your code on a device, the site will remember that code. If you are visiting Race Control on a new device, simply enter your existing code in the "Already have a verification code?" section.