Alexander Rossi

If Alexander Rossi’s first experience in the Baja 1000 in 2018 was remembered for his near head-on collision with a passenger vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on a dusty dirt road, this year’s famed off-road event saw the NTT IndyCar Series star go upside-down.

After getting back on track following a roll-over into a ditch, the team was an early retirement from the contest.

“Too many variables weren’t in our favor this year so we had to call it,” Rossi said after the team retired from the contest. “Jeff (Proctor) evaluated the situation and ultimately decided that the safety of the team was being compromised.

“It isn’t just the driver and co-driver to consider, but the crew for repairs and recovery in sketchy conditions.

“But the Ridgeline race truck is so fast and capable. I can’t thank the team enough for all they do to prepare for this legendary event.”

Rossi had high hopes for this year’s Baja 1000, but when he was behind the wheel the Andretti Autosport star approached a 90-degree left over a hill. The angle of the vehicle sent it rolling over on its side followed by an end-over-end rolled before landing in a ditch on its roof around the 95-mile mark.

Rossi’s Honda Ridgeline Off-Road truck was leading Saturday’s Baja 1000 in Mexico at the time of the rollover.

With the help of some locals from the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, Rossi and his co-driver were pulled from the vehicle. The truck was eventually rolled over and made it out of the ditch, but the team had lost valuable time and as no longer in the lead.

Rossi and the team were able to continue for another 100 miles or so before the damaged truck was retired from the race. This came after driver Proctor had Rossi got it back into contention.

Last year, the winner of the 100th Indianapolis 500 in 2016 and one of the big-name stars of the NTT IndyCar Series, had an eye-opening experience with his near miss of a passenger SUV heading in the opposite direction. Rossi was driving one of the Honda Ridgeline Off Road trucks in the famed contest and had just flown over a hill at 120 miles per hour.

Neither the driver of the SUV or Rossi anticipated this incident and luckily, the only thing Rossi’s truck hit was the passenger-side rear-view mirror on the SUV.