Will Power

We asked a few INDYCAR drivers for their New Year’s resolutions:

“Finish what was so close this year in 2014 – winning the Indy 500 for the fourth time. And which was so close again this year – the championship. That’s my 2015 resolution.” – Helio Castroneves

“To win the Indy 500 and the championship in the same year. That’s gonna be the aim.” – Will Power

"I just need to do my best to make the year less stressful as a whole. I put a lot of pressure on myself last year. I need to focus on not making mistakes and doing the best I can each and every week. For me in the basics – I just need to get a bit more fit overall. I’m fit already, but I’d like to tone down a little bit.” – Graham Rahal

“I’m after the best shape of my life. Continue to look at everything on the bright side, keep positive.” – Shelby Blackstock

“To make sure that pink Susan G. Komen car is back on the racetrack.” – Pippa Mann

“I’m not a huge resolutions guy. My resolutions and requests are prayer requests, and I do that every day.” – Ed Carpenter

“You shouldn’t need the turn of the year for those sorts of things. It’s the same, just setting goals. There’s no defining thing, I’m not going to stop drinking alcohol or quit smoking (smiles).” – Scott Dixon

“To have success with the brand new race team I’ll be driving for with CFH Racing.” – Josef Newgarden