Sarah Fisher, Kevin Forbes, and Doug Boles finish IMS Road Course

Sarah Fisher called it the slowest thing she’s ever experienced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The IndyCar Series team owner, who made nine Indianapolis 500 starts in her Indy car career, helped complete the paving of the 2.439-mile road course, on a two-seat paving machine. The road course has undergone $5 million in improvements before it  hosts to the Grand Prix of Indianapolis next May.

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“They are doing a really accurate job and it’s great to see,” Fisher said. “That last little stretch of pavement going down on the new course. It’s very special. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway always holds a special place in my heart.”

With a top-speed of 25 feet per minute, the Milestone paver that Fisher rode on is a bit slower than the car Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing will field in the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis on May 13, 2014. In fact, an Indy car could complete 336 laps of the track before the paver completed a single lap.

“It’s operated by a joystick and no steering wheel, so I didn’t know what to do,” Fisher said. “There’s a big stop button.  But it’s like the Indy car 2-seater. You just don’t push the stop button. You just have to keep going.”

IMS Road Course Construction Infographic