Gustavo Yacaman Admire Life Program

The partnership between Admire Life, the Gustavo Yacaman Foundation and Biomax, was not just designed to sponsor Yacaman in the Firestone Indy Lights series. This association is also part of the "Be Eco" program, a plan of the Colombian energy firm, which includes several initiatives that help preserve the planet with Gustavo Yacamán as a leader of the campaign.

The first step is to create a CO2 capture center at Bojonawi , a nature reserve in Puerto Carreño, Colombia. To do this, Admire Life and Biomax planted over 15,000 trees to help the eco-system flow under optimal conditions, seeking to offset some 400 tons of CO2 in its first stage. The project also considers the protection of endangered species, the protection of a native forest and water sources around the area.

"For now we have only 1,500 trees, almost 10% of our goal,” said Alejandro Jaramillo, Biomax Market Manager. “For next year we expect to double the number of trees planted in the natural reserve. The idea is to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet."

Gustavo Yacaman will be an active part of the campaign delivering eco messages about how to be environmentally-friendly.

"We will use the social networks and video capsules, with messages to every driver of any vehicle,” Yacaman said. “You can help the planet. We are sending practical tips, like using the gearbox or air conditioning. The accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube about Biomax, Admire Life and Gustavo Yacaman, are ready for this campaign. It is very easy to ‘Be Eco.’ Everything begins using BIOMAX fuel.”

Other initiatives complement the program, such as energy savings in fuel stations and generating energy by wind and solar power.

"We think of our children, they are going to have a healthier planet,” said Ramiro Sanchez, Biomax President. “Biomax always think to help the planet, we must all make an effort to improve the living conditions of the environment in which we live.”

This is the Admire Life’s second program, which began with "Clean Races.” In the first year, the program offset over 14,000 kg of CO2, which corresponds to the carbon footprint of Yacaman’s Firestone Indy Lights car. This year, along with "Be Eco," Yacaman's foundation expects to have a third program that seeks to offer more ways to reach carbon neutral.