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AMR Safety Team Equipment And Tools

Safety 1 - AMR INDYCAR Safety Team

SAFETY 1 & 2

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

Equipped with:

  • Yellow light system
  • Digital 360-degree windshield video cameras. These cameras begin recording automatically when the yellow light system is activated. They record the events of the incident, such as work performed at the impact point, crash scene, etc., and can be viewed and critiqued by safety team members upon returning to their positions after the incident response is complete. Beginning in 2015, members of the safety team and race control can manipulate the 360-degree cameras remotely to better view an incident scene.
  • Rear-facing cameras to improve visibility.
  • Recoil tow strap for towing cars.
  • Emergency strobe lights.

Rescue Equipment:

  • Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools.
  • Specialized spinal immobilization "shoehorn" backboards (2) with pre-attached straps for driver extrication. They also carry adjustable cervical collars for stabilizing the neck.
  • Basic life support medical equipment for driver stabilization, airway, bleeding and fractures.

Race car recovery equipment:

  • Specialized tow straps for pulling cars out of tire barriers or sand traps (road and street courses).

Cleanup equipment:

  • Push brooms (2) for "scrubbing" in oil dry and clearing it from the racetrack.
  • Metal parts buckets for picking up crash debris.

Safety 2 - AMR INDYCAR Safety Team

Safety 3 - AMR INDYCAR Safety Team

SAFETY 3, Cleanup Truck

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

No Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools.

In addition to the clean-up equipment carried on Safety 1 and 2, it is equipped with:

  • An oil dry hopper that holds 300 pounds of oil dry for spreading over large areas.
  • Hydraulic-operated broom for scrubbing in oil dry over long distances.
  • "Buffalo Blower" for blowing oil dry and debris off the racetrack. It is also used to assist in drying the racetrack.


  • Safety 1, 2 and 3 all carry a four-man crew: a crew leader (driver), paramedic and two firefighters.
  • All are career firefighter/paramedics with extensive rescue experience in public service and motorsports.

AMR INDYCAR Safety Team Response Vehicle


Honda Pilot

Equipped with:

  • Satellite TV
  • Wireless laptop computer to download crash data; track doctors can receive this info even before arriving at the medical center
  • Yellow light system
  • Medical equipment for driver stabilization


  • INDYCAR Medical Director
  • Track doctor (ER specialist)
  • Orthopedic specialist
  • Professional driver, with a racing background for all events.