Fan Info - INDYCAR 101 - Rulebook - Chapter 4: Entrants and Drivers

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IMPORTANT: The rulebook content below was released to all parties on March 1, 2019, and should be considered UNOFFICIAL. No in-season amendments or bulletins are reflected in the below copy. Please refer to the above PDF link for the updated rulebook.


4.1. General – Entrant Licensing/Driver Licensing

4.1.1. Licensing criteria are available from the INDYCAR office and may vary depending on the particular on-Track activity. INDYCAR and ACCUS-FIA (and another ASN, if applicable) shall determine whether to approve a License application and issue a License. Applicant shall pay any and all costs associated with satisfying the License criteria. Driver Licenses are not transferable at any time; Entrant Licenses are not transferable without prior written approval.

4.1.2. Licenses are revocable by INDYCAR and ACCUS-FIA at any time and for any reason.

4.1.3. Eligibility for a License shall be determined based on such factors as are indicative of the applicant's ability to participate satisfactorily in an Event.

4.1.4. Fees may be charged for Licenses. Fees are non-refundable whether or not the License is granted. No fee or any part thereof shall be refunded to a licensee because the licensee ceases to participate in any Event(s) regardless of the reason for such cessation.

4.1.5. A License is valid only for the current Racing Season and/or as otherwise restricted. Licenses may be limited to a particular type of Event(s) or for a specified period. Licenses for Rookie Drivers are granted on a temporary basis. Unless otherwise noted, all Licenses shall expire on December 31st of the calendar year during which they were granted.

4.1.6. An applicant may request the review and/or appeal of a denial of a Driver or Entrant License and membership application, grade of Driver’s License, determination of Rookie Driver status or eligibility for ROP or refresher Test in accordance with the procedures set forth in Rules 10 and 11.

4.1.7. INDYCAR may continuously re-evaluate the eligibility and performance of a Driver and/or Entrant to determine if the Driver and/or Entrant shall remain licensed. As part of such evaluation, INDYCAR may consider input from any Official, any Driver and others as INDYCAR determines appropriate and may require a Driver and/or Entrant to participate in Testing under the observation of Officials, Drivers, and/or others.

4.2. Entrant License

4.2.1. The individual signing the application materials represents that the individual is authorized to act on behalf of the named Entrant in all matters. Additional corporate representatives may be listed, and the authority of any individual may be limited. If a corporate representative’s status changes, INDYCAR may require an individual authorized to act on behalf of the Entrant to submit new application materials for that Entrant for approval. INDYCAR may require an Entrant to submit another Entrant License fee and resubmit any other materials including, without limitation, a Leaders Circle Program Agreement, Entry forms, or any other requirements as determined by INDYCAR. Upon request, INDYCAR must be provided satisfactory information regarding ownership of an Entrant.

4.2.2. Eligibility Unless otherwise approved by INDYCAR, Entrant must possess an INDYCAR Entrant's License and Membership and an ACCUS-FIA Entrant's License (including international competition privileges). Entrant must remain in Good Standing at all times. After receipt of the application materials, the Entrant's competitive and business viability will be assessed to determine whether to approve and issue the license. Factors taken into account may include, without limitation: Purchase and/or lease agreements with Manufacturers; Purchase and/or lease agreement for its shop; and Employment or consultancy agreements with key personnel including, without limitation, team manager, engineer, chief mechanic and Driver.

4.2.3. Entry - Upon issuance of the Entrant License, the Entrant may submit a Leaders Circle Program Agreement and/or Entry forms identified by the Car number assigned to that Entrant License. The Entry (Car with Driver) must display the Car number at all times during the Event and all points and awards earned by this Entry will be credited to that Car number unless otherwise determined by INDYCAR. An Entrant intending to compete with multiple Entries at a single Event must obtain an Entrant License with a unique Car number for each Entry or satisfy such other requirements as INDYCAR may prescribe. The Entry shall automatically include a primary and Backup Car unless indicated otherwise. The first Car presented at technical inspection shall be the primary Car. The second Car presented at technical inspection shall be the Backup Car.

4.2.4. Manufacturers – The Manufacturers may require an Entrant to enter into lease and/or purchase agreements.

4.3. Driver

4.3.1. Each Entry form must list a Driver.

4.3.2. Driver License License application materials may be approved, and Licenses issued to individuals determined eligible by INDYCAR to compete in an Event and who otherwise meet the application requirements. INDYCAR and/or ACCUS-FIA (and another ASN, if applicable) shall determine the grade of the License issued to a Driver. In order for a Driver to compete in any Event, the Driver must hold a Driver License and at any time may be required to:

  1. Participate in any INDYCAR required testing;
  2. Provide an updated resume, government-issued identification, and/or certified birth certificate;
  3. Furnish a current clearance acceptable to INDYCAR attesting to the Driver's physical/psychological fitness;
  4. Provide proof of United States residency and an international letter of authorization from the Driver’s home country ASN, in the case of Drivers who are not citizens of the United States. Eligibility Unless otherwise approved by INDYCAR, Driver must possess an INDYCAR Driver's License and Membership and an ACCUS-FIA Driver's License (including international competition privileges) or another ASN Driver’s License, if applicable. Driver must remain in Good Standing at all times. Driver eligibility is at the sole discretion of INDYCAR. INDYCAR may require the applicant to provide: A current resume containing a complete history of the applicant’s competition to date and demonstrating the applicant’s ability to properly and safely handle the Car; A letter of recommendation from the series in which the Driver last competed; and/or Such other information as INDYCAR may request. Physical/Psychological Information - The applicant must provide the information required by INDYCAR and must successfully complete any INDYCAR-prescribed physical and psychological examinations, which may include, without limitation, eye, neurological and substance abuse testing. Refresher Tests - An applicant, including, without limitation, a Driver who has not participated as a Driver in any on-Track Event during the past six (6) months, may be required to successfully complete a refresher test. In lieu of a refresher test, INDYCAR may require an applicant to successfully complete ROP. Rookie Driver General Before a Rookie Driver’s participation in his/her first (1st) Oval Event, the Rookie Driver must complete a ROP supervised by INDYCAR. The determination of whether the applicant may take ROP and whether the applicant successfully completed ROP shall be made by INDYCAR. If a Driver begins the Racing Season as a Rookie Driver, he/she remains a Rookie Driver until the end of that Racing Season. ROP – An applicant must demonstrate Car control, placement and interaction with other Cars on-Track to the satisfaction of INDYCAR. INDYCAR may require additional testing including, without limitation, testing in close proximity to other Cars, before an applicant may be permitted to participate in an Open Test and/or Race. Indianapolis 500® Mile Race Eligibility A Driver is only eligible to be a Rookie Driver in the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race if the Driver has not participated in a prior Indianapolis 500® Mile Race. ROP – Successful completion of ROP at another Race Location and/or participation in an on-Track Event may satisfy this requirement for the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race. INDYCAR shall hold a mandatory Driver and team manager meeting prior to the beginning of the ROP session. At this meeting, INDYCAR will announce the speed phases and other requirements for the ROP. In addition to Car control, placement and interaction with other Cars on-Track to the satisfaction of INDYCAR, the ROP shall consist of three phases, totaling 40 laps. The laps do not have to be consecutive. Rookie Drivers must successfully complete a minimum of two of the three phases to be eligible to participate in practice when practice for the Event begins or have these requirements waived by INDYCAR. No Rookie Driver will be eligible for a Qualifications attempt prior to completing the final phase. Drivers will be permitted time to practice after the completion of one phase and before beginning the next phase. Refresher Test – If a Driver has not participated in an oval Event in the NTT IndyCar Series since the prior year’s Indianapolis 500® Mile Race, INDYCAR will determine if any additional testing shall be required. In addition to Car control, placement and interaction with other Cars on-Track to the satisfaction of INDYCAR, the refresher test consists of the 30 laps that make up the second and third phases of the ROP. No such Driver will be eligible for a Qualifications attempt prior to completing the refresher test. ROP Schedule – Except as otherwise approved by INDYCAR, ROP shall only be conducted during the times/dates designated by INDYCAR.

4.3.3. Provided INDYCAR approves the substitution and the change takes place prior to the parade and pace laps, the original Driver entered for the Race may be substituted by: Oval Events – Another Driver who has already participated in practice, or a special session for the current Event. Road / Street Course Events – Any other Driver.