Chef Simon Pagenaud making crepes

It was a weekly appointment that a pre-pubescent Simon Pagenaud looked forward to about as much as anything.

Sundays, after competing in a go-kart event, Pagenaud and his father would return to their home in Montmorillon, France, and prepare crepes for the afternoon respite.

"It was a wonderful family time," said Pagenaud of the hour or so of conversation with his parents and sister spiced with food and beverage. "I would tell them about what happened that day in the kart and we'd talk about the week. It’s a moment to share together. We like to share good food and company."

At his father's side had been his only training and he carries on the tradition at his Indianapolis home -- usually on Sunday afternoons for a snack (“my favorite is raspberry jam or just sugar”). On Feb. 21 at 3 Days in Paris -- a crepe specialty kiosk at City Market in downtown Indianapolis -- Pagenaud explored the art with Sam Marshall and her professional equipment.

"It's OK, but maybe needs some sauce or something," said Pagenaud after sampling his first attempt. "Sour cream would have been awesome. I've only used a pan, so I'm not used to the griddle they have here. If I want to make more crepes I might have to invest (in a griddle) I guess. They are so much more efficient."

Pagenaud, who will get his initial on-track testing of the year Feb. 27 at Sonoma Raceway in the No. 77 Schmidt Hamilton HP Motorsports car, has a crepe named in his honor in Montmorillon (with fillings of cheese, diced tomato, ham, eggs, mushroom and onions).

“It’s much better than the one I just made,” he said. “It just take practice.”