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CHASSIS: (Fourth-generation Dallara IndyCar Series chassis 2012-2014)

Note: Chassis details will be updated before the 2015 season to reflect the new Honda and Chevrolet aero kit configurations.

Construction: Monocoque contains cockpit, fuel cell and front suspension; engine is stressed (integral) member of chassis; rear assembly contains bellhousing, gearbox and rear suspension members

Materials: Carbon fiber, kevlar and other composites

Weight: Approximately 1575 lbs (Road/Street/Short Ovals) and 1545 lbs (Speedways)

Length: 192 inches minimum

Width: 78.5 inches maximum, 77.5 inches minimum (measured outside rim to rim), floor is 79 inches

Height: Approximately 40 inches

Wheelbase: 120 inches

Wheel Size: Front: 15 inches diameter, 10 inches wide

Minimum weight: 13.48 pounds

Rear: 15 inches diameter, 14 inches wide

Minimum weight: 14.7 pounds

Tires: Firestone Firehawk

Front diameter: 26 inches maximum, 25 inches minimum @ 35 psi

Rear diameter: 27.5 inches maximum, 26.5 inches minimum @ 35 psi

Gearbox: XTRAC #1011 gearbox  

Six forward gears, one reverse gear, Mega-Line Assisted Gear Shift (paddle-shift)

Fuel Cell: Single, rupture-proof cell, 19 U.S. gallons (standard)

Manufacturer: Dallara Automobili, Italy


Type: 2.2-liter (134.25 cubic inches) V-6, turbocharged (single or twin), Max. bore diameter 95 millimeters

Weight: Minimum weight is 248 pounds.

RPM: 12,000 maximum (INDYCAR-supplied rev limiter)

Power: Estimated 550-700 horsepower depending on variable turbo boost used at track.

Fuel:  E85 fuel (blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline)

Injector: Direct injection

Models: Honda HI13R Indy-V-6 , Chevy IndyCar V6,

Manufacturers: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Chevrolet