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INDYCAR Car Comparisons

Verizon IndyCar Series Car

IndyCar Series Car

Top Speed: Approx. 230 mph

Engine: Turbocharged, 2.2-liter V-6

Horsepower: Approx. 550 – 700 depending on turbo boost.

Gearbox: Assisted six-speed paddle shift, with reverse

Fuel: E85

Tires: Firestone Firehawk (ungrooved racing slicks)

Wheelbase: 120 inches

Weight: Approximately 1575 pounds (Road/Street/Short Oval configuration) and 1545 pounds (Speedway configuration)

Height: Approx 38 inches

Width: 78.5 inches maximum, 77.5 inches minimum (measured outside rim to rim)

Formula 1

Formula 1 Car

Top Speed: Approx. 225 mph

Engine: Normally aspirated, 2.4-liter V-8

Horsepower: Approx. 750

Gearbox: Semi-automatic with four to seven forward gears

Fuel: Unleaded racing gasoline

Tires: Un-grooved racing slicks

Wheelbase: Between 120-130 inches

Weight: Minimum of 1,415.37 pounds, including driver

Height: 37.40 inches, maximum (95 cm max)

Width: 70.86 inches (180 cm wide, maximum)

NASCAR Sprint Cup Stock Car

NASCAR Sprint Cup Stock Car

Top Speed: Approx. 200 mph

Engine: Normally aspirated, 5.7-liter (358 cubic inches) V-8

Horsepower: Approx. 865

Gearbox: Manual four-speed

Fuel: E-15 blend of ethanol and unleaded racing gasoline

Tires: Un-grooved racing slicks

Wheelbase: 110 inches

Weight: Minimum of 3,400 pounds, including driver and fuel

Height: 53.5 inches, maximum

Width: 74 inches, maximum