Fan Info - INDYCAR 101 - Rulebook - Chapter 5: Entries

Download Fan Version: 2017 Verizon IndyCar Series Rulebook (Full)

Download Fan Version: 2017 Verizon IndyCar Series Rulebook (Chp 5)


IMPORTANT: The rulebook content below was released to all parties on January 16, 2017, and should be considered UNOFFICIAL. No in-season amendments or bulletins are reflected below.

5.1. General  

5.1.1. All Entry applications shall be completed on forms provided by INDYCAR in the manner required by INDYCAR and shall be subject to the approval of INDYCAR. Entries are not transferable without the prior written approval of INDYCAR.

5.1.2. Entrant, Driver, and Car Entrant An approved Entry serves as the authorization to compete in a specific Event or Events(s) on behalf of the specific Entrant to whom the Car number is assigned and acknowledgement of an agreement to the Rules. If an individual/entity participates in any Event without having properly submitted fully executed Entry form materials, the individual/entity, by such participation, nevertheless agrees that the individual/entity is subject to all Rules and all statements, releases and obligations appearing in the Entry form materials for the Event, as if the individual/entity had properly submitted fully executed Entry form materials. In recognition of the support of racing fans and efforts and monies expended by sponsors, INDYCAR and Event Promoter in connection with the Events, Entrant, on behalf of Entrant Group, agrees to participate in any and all portions of on-Track Events in which Entrant has submitted and INDYCAR has approved, an Entry. Entrant agrees not to engage alone or with others in tactics which would disrupt or delay the on-Track Events and to cooperate fully with ceremonies preceding, during and following the on-Track Event and to refrain from any conduct which would disrupt or detract from such ceremonies. Entrant understands and agrees that INDYCAR has the right at any time to withdraw the privileges of participation or otherwise reject, exclude or disqualify any member of Entrant Group, including but not limited to any Car, Driver or other Entrant Participant, if INDYCAR in its discretion determines that rejection, exclusion or disqualification is in the best interest or integrity of INDYCAR, the IndyCar Series or the promotion of Events. Entrant, Driver and any third party they represent, including without limitation other Entrant Participants, shall have no claim for damages or injunctive relief against INDYCAR, any Event Promoter and/or their representatives by reason of such rejection, exclusion or disqualification. Entrant shall receive a designated number of annual credentials, Event only credentials, race mode credentials and passenger car parking passes for each Event as determined by INDYCAR. Driver Each Entry form must list a Driver. Provided INDYCAR approves the substitution and the change takes place prior to the parade and pace laps, the original Driver entered for the Race may be substituted by:

  1. Oval Events - Another Driver who has already participated in practice, or a special session for the current Event.
  2. Road / Street Course Events - Any other Driver. Car Participation of a Car in an Event - In order to participate in an Event, the Car must be properly entered and be designated and explicitly identified by Car number on only one Entry form for that Event. Notwithstanding any prior INDYCAR approval, any Car participating in an Event while in noncompliance with the above requirements may be disqualified and any Competitor who causes such noncompliance may be disqualified and/or otherwise penalized by INDYCAR. Car Substitution during an Event ("Backup Cars") An Entrant’s Backup Car must remain on the transporter without an Engine installed. The Backup Car may only be removed, have an Engine installed and used in any on Track activities during the Event with prior approval by INDYCAR. An Entrant is permitted to remove its Backup Car from its transporter and install an Engine, provided the Entrant is scheduled to participate in another INDYCARapproved activity within the next 7 days. For international Events, INDYCAR may require engines be installed in all Backup Cars as determined by space availability.

5.2. Fees  

5.2.1. Entry fees must be paid in good funds as directed by INDYCAR.

5.3. Deadline  

5.3.1. The Entry deadline shall be stated on the Entry form. Unless otherwise specified on the Entry form, the hour of closing shall be 5pm E.D.T. on the day of the Entry deadline. INDYCAR may accept or refuse to accept late Entries. Late Entrants, if accepted, may be penalized by INDYCAR.

5.4. Electronic Entries

5.4.1. An Entry by electronic mail or other means delivered by the closing of the Entry deadline may be accepted, provided it is subsequently accompanied by the Entry fee within 48 hours of INDYCAR's receipt of the Entry or as otherwise directed by INDYCAR.

5.5. Reopening of Entries

5.5.1. If INDYCAR postpones an Event, INDYCAR may authorize the reopening of Entries. Reopened Entries shall close not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the declared starting time of the postponed Event.

5.6. Failure to Participate  

5.6.1. Any Driver, Entrant, or other Member who by Entry form or other means has agreed to participate in an Event may be penalized for failing to participate in any portion of such Event.

5.7. Entry Change

5.7.1. All changes to an approved Entry form shall be completed on INDYCAR provided forms and subject to approval by INDYCAR prior to the Entrant’s Car participating in any on Track activities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a substitute Driver must be approved pursuant to Rule

5.8. Points and Awards

5.8.1. Entrants and Drivers displaying the mandatory award sponsors and otherwise complying with the Rules may be eligible to earn points and awards.

5.8.2. All awards may be withheld by INDYCAR in whole or in part, or denied in whole or in part, if INDYCAR determines in its discretion that any member of Entrant Group has failed in any way to comply with the terms and conditions of the Rules.